"I would like to say THANK YOU to Scott Stevenson for his HEALING MP3. I have been suffering with severe back pain since 09 after falling down a bunch of stairs. The doctors put me on vicodin for the pain but I could only take it at bedtime because of how it made me feel during the day while trying to take care of my daughter. Then they decided to do injections to relieve the pain and no pain pills. It is really hard to sleep when every movement makes you want to cry in pain. Then Scott Stevenson introduced me to his Healing mp3, I down loaded it to my computer and played it that night. I GOT THE BEST NIGHT SLEEP OF MY LIFE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS!! I use this every night now and am amazed at how much better I feel in the morning. I have found myself trying to do a little more each day and when the pain starts up I close my eyes and listen to it and feel the relief setting in........ "



"I haven't looked back since having hypnotherapy with you about hacking my horse on the roads :-) . It has even helped with jumping too!!........ "



"Thought it may be helpful for people to hear how you helped me with my phobia of confined spaces. A few years ago I desperately wanted to go camping but couldn't face being shut in. So I spoke to Scott,.......... The following weekend hubby and myself went camping. I was a little uncertain as night fell, but I need not of worried. Hubby zipped up the tent and I was fine. We now go camping as often as we can. All I need say now is Ta Scotty xxxxxx"

Rachel Barley


"Hello, been a bit rough but just listened to your fab Healing CD and it's amazing! I felt so bad we were considering hospital but after listening to it I was able to come down, have dinner and sit with the family. Thank you so much!!"Name withheld (A mobile phone text from a seriously ill woman, who got some sleep when the heavy doses of medication she was on weren't working) and "Thank you Scott for a wonderfully inspiring and yet totally relaxing experience of the Weightloss CD this is the first time I've felt 'in charge' of my weight issues..highly recommended........ "

 Elaine Tasker


"I bought a Confidence CD from Scott a few weeks ago , as i have phobias of DRs , Dentists and Hospitals . I was hoping it would help me to get over my fears . Ive never been into a Dentist in my life for any treatment what-so-ever and have been having bad tooth ache for yrs . As the years have gone on obviously my teeth have getting worse too but i just seem to dope myself on painkillers to try to ease the pain (which dont really work anyway) I have been listening to Scotts CD for a few weeks now , then yesterday i just got up in the morning and decided i was going to make an appointment at the Dentist , which i did and i was asked to go into see the Dentist at 3.45pm yesterday (I attended my appointment too) I explained my fears to the Dentist and told him about the CD i bought and listened to for several nights which was the reason why i had ending up making an appointment........ "



"In July of 2014, after weeks of insomnia due to recent health issues and stress-related issues, I ordered the "Healing" CD from Scott Stevenson Healing and Hypnotherapy. Listening to the CD at bedtime allowed me to relax and finally get some sleep - leaving me refreshed and ready to take on the day. Listening to the CD not only helped my insomnia issues, but also the stress and depression with which I had been dealing. Thank you so much - I highly recommend these CDs. ........"

Sharon Korpi





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