My wife and I are both Healers with the HPAI; and I have trained new Healers. We have been developing our Spiritual Gifts as part of Development circles; Home circles; Internet Spiritual groups and on our own for about 15 years now.

For most of this time I have been using Guided Meditations & Hypnosis to help others develop their own spiritual gifts; to clear spiritual 'blockages' and open the Chakras; meet Guides and Spiritual Helpers; and to just relax in the Faery realms and meet Unicorns, Fae folk, and other Elementals. I have also led groups in meditation who have 'joined' up on a spiritual level to send Healing to the Earth etc on several of the World events.

I love taking people on these journeys of imagination and its often quite amazing how much interaction there seems to be within the groups, without my prompting or telling them to do something, and how much everyone will experience whilst on these journeys.

I have also written a book; 'Spiritualism, The Big Secret'; which has been written to help those just starting out on their Spiritual path. It's full of information on Healing; Mediumship; various Healing therapies; and is basically a 'Haynes manual' for anyone with an interest in developing their own gifts and abilities. To buy and download a copy please visit my shop.

If you would like to book me to run a meditation workshop or find out more about what can be done, please contact me

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