Past Life Regression is another of the more spiritual aspects of what I can offer. It is a very interesting and often rewarding experience for the person going through the process.

Past Life RegressionHaving a past life regression session can often lead people to find reasons for present day problems and sometimes phobias too eg. if you resolve a past life where you were drowned, that can often impact upon your current life where you may have always had an unexplainable fear of water etc. For others its just an experience that has always fascinated them, exploring the possibility of a life previous to this one.

The process of having a Past life regression is the same as being hypnotised, I take you on a journey in your mind and at point when you are very relaxed, I will take you a place with lots of doors, behind which are past lives. You will make the decision of which door to open and which past life you want to examine/experience at that session.

I then lead you through the experience as fully as you are able, looking for life lessons and reasons you chose to visit this life, that apply to the present one. Many people have had some very helpful insights and experiences from their session and all have felt something has been resolved at the end of it.

If you would like to book a past life regression session or find out more about it, please do contact me.

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