Lucia3 LightI am a qualified Light Attendant with the Lucia3 Hypnogogic Light System, which was developed by Austrian scientists and psychologists, Lucia3 uses stroboscopic light and state of the art computer software, to create recognised brainwave states (Alpha, Delta etc), that users find enable them to achieve their desired 'state' easily and quickly.

Everyone who uses the Lucia3 has a totally unique experience, from deep relaxation and seeing incredible colours and kaleidoscopic images; to gaining the 'body asleep, mind awake' state required for remote viewing, spiritual development and deep meditation. Each session, even if repeated, is different depending upon your mood and your intent for the session.

Combining a tailor made Hypnotherapy session with the the calming spiritual backdrop of the Parsonage Side retreat, and the Lucia3, can create an intense therapeutic experience


**Lucia3 is not suitable for people with light sensitivity or epilepsy. Prior to the session, and after taking some details from you, you will have a very brief session to ensure you are comfortable with the stroboscopic light experience**


This service is dependent upon availability and subject to an extra charge to cover the costs of hiring the Lucia3. Sessions can also be arranged to coincide with a stay at the Retreat but have to be booked in advance to ensure availability etc.

Further information regarding Lucia3 and the Parsonage Side retreat can be found here

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