I try to follow a spiritual path with Healing of all sorts being my passion and I find that Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help others Heal their grief and loss.

Hypnosis and Grief ResolutionOften people find that when a loved one passes away (and that includes pets and animals), there is much unsaid; silly unimportant arguments being the last communication with them... things that were said in the heat of the moment that we would give anything to take back; or us feeling that we were not there for them in those last and difficult moments.

I use Hypnosis to take you somewhere beautiful and calm in your mind, where it can be possible (if you feel ready for it) to meet up with them again. Whether you believe that it really is that person; their energy in a recognisable shape; or just a memory of them... it can be a very powerful and Healing experience to be allowed to speak to them, spend some time with them, and say the things you never got to say or wish you had.

Using those same techniques (which I show people how to use for their own self-hypnosis and relaxation)we can also work on letting go of people we love but who have moved on from us... we can 'practice' saying things to people that are difficult to say... we can say things to people that we love that need saying but should never really be said in person, and by doing so we free ourselves from those negative and painful feelings.

The things that we can do to help heal ourselves, really are limited only by our desire and imagination.

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