National Society of Professional HypnotherapistsIn my opinion, Healing is the channelling of energy from a source outside of us; an higher source; some call God, Gaia, universe, Angels etc... but somewhere greater than us; via the Healer into the person who needs it. It's also very much a complementary therapy... working alongside orthodox and other treatments from Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals. We as Healers really want to do more to help and support the creaking NHS; to help the established medical practices make life better for people.

The 'flavour' of Healing I do and teach, is called Spiritual Healing and is similar to 'faith' healing; Reiki; 'Laying on of hands'; and many of the other names and varieties that others perform and use.

I say flavour because that best describes, for me, the way in which Healing works. Some people are comfortable with the whole spiritual thing and accept what I do readily; whilst others prefer to have the different method and structured, Reiki... as are the practitioners that do it. "Horses for courses" and all that.

healing-handsThere is much written about Healing and what it can do; anecdotal as well as some serious scientific research done by pratitioners such as Mathew Manning, Harry Edwards and others; but because it is not an exact and replicable science.. not every one who receives Healing gets the exact same result.. Mainly I believe because they have different reasons for their condition.. because it may have taken a long time to get so ill... because they have yet to let go of the reasons why they wish to continue to be ill, because for some people if they lost their 'illness' what identity would they have? Maybe they are not ready, or are able to move on. And for others... they are ready.. they just need the support(even if it is placebo).. the strength and belief.. the will to get better.

For many of us who do this Light Work; Healing; we also believe that it can be beneficial and in some cases even quite miraculous in the end results. Yes there probably is a level of placebo.. of the mind playing its powerful tricks... who cares? It has helped that person and in some cases even affected a cure against the odds. (How often have you heard about 'spontaneous remission' and mind over matter and positive thinking etc?)

But most of us who do this to help others, know that there are no guarantees! We merely trust that what we do has meaning and purpose and find that usually people feel far more relaxed... often there is an easing of symptoms and relief of physical, emotional and mental pain; and sometimes yes a cure.

I usually incorporate this Healing work into my Hypnotherapy sessions; encouraging and showing the client how to do it for themselves to help manage their own pain. I have also produced a CD specifically for Healing (available in my online shop) which works on our body's own ability to heal itself; encouraging and engaging with those mechanisms in a calming and relaxing journey. Healing also encourages us to more effectively work with any ongoing Orthodox medical treatments.

I am also running certificated Healing courses at a local spiritual retreat (Parsonage Side Retreat) designed for those who are interested in learning about Healing and how to administer it to others as well as working on their own self-healing. To learn more about it please contact me

Due to recent specific changes in UK legislation and an highly increased tendency to litigate and blame for financial gain etc.. I have to carefully point out that although I practice Healing and work with people to help in their self healing processes.. I never claim to cure or make promises to do so.

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