My wife, Helen, and I have travelled along our Spiritual Path together for over 15 years; each developing our own strengths and interests; complementing each others gifts. One of the main interests we have in common is our Healing.

Along our path we have each had various learning experiences and interests which we have pursued; read many books; investigated and discussed various religions and religious beliefs; belonged to several online spiritual groups and discussion boards; been part of numerous development groups; and spoken to lots of people, asking questions, seeking answers and guidance.

We have had periods of 'drawing back' from this aspect of ourselves, concentrating on raising our family / work etc; periods of fantastic leaps and bounds in our knowledge and abilities; as well as periods of 'plateau' where nothing seems to be happening or working out for us. You may already have experienced aspects of this in your own lives. It can be difficult following a spiritual path in todays society, with all its distraction and isolation, but with perseverance and a little 'faith' of whichever persuasion, you will get to your goal and beyond.

Healing WorkshopsWe have been very lucky in our development, and our gifts and abilities enhanced considerably over the years, by the people we have met in various spiritualist churches and groups; development groups we have attended; the books we have read and people we have spoken to and asked our questions of; by the hours of meditation and self-development and practice of our gifts; and of course having a partner and companion who understands.

We have found that the more we have looked at our own past; our own beliefs and long held views; our fears and hurts; our attitudes to others; the more 'baggage and issues' we have cleared out, the better we have become as 'Light workers' and Healers. We believe it an integral and important part of any spiritual persons development. The more we get rid of unwanted attitudes and unnecessary baggage; the more skeletons we cleanse from those locked up cupboards in our minds; the more space that gives us for more of the 'light' we all carry... the more we can help ourselves and others.

For most of us this is an ongoing learning and self-examination process, however you will meet those who, for whatever reasons, feel they have achieved their pinnacle; or are unable/unwilling to change any further; whos ego has taken hold. It's very tempting to use that ability to impress others, to feel 'special' because we have our very own special ability and secret, and sometimes it can be difficult to then share that secret with others, to give them some shortcuts to get to the place that has taken you so long.

For some 'light workers' this can be because they are not natural teachers; or they feel that others should follow the struggle and hardship that they themselves went through to reach that 'level'; and for others, they believe to share their knowledge may allow you to become a threat to their position in an organisation or even a threat to their income.

You may also find that some teachers and authors have contradictory beliefs, even in the simplest of things, and some feel the need to pass on their knowledge in a very 'high brow' manner. So with this in mind, I have created this course to cover many aspects of Healing and spiritual development, from my own point of view; from what works for me.

I aimed to make this course a toolbox of basic concepts and ideas from which you can dip into and use; expand or put aside; but most of all just be a starting point from which you go on to develop your own ideas and techniques in your future as an Healer.

So approach it with an open but questioning mind and if what you learn feels right to you then accept it and work on it, develop it to suit yourself. If it doesn't, then question and if necessary leave it to one side.

Both my wife and I have had some of our biggest learning moments when we have had to justify our beliefs and understandings. Often, because we have listened and mulled over the other point of view, we have come round to it and accepted it as part of our own development and knowledge base.

Finally, this course will teach you 'A' way to give Spiritual Healing to another. 'A' way that we and many others have found works for us, but it is not THE way. You will go on to find the way that suits you, and that way will often change and develop as you progress along your path.

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