• Eating & Appetite Disorders: Stress Disorders & Management: Anxiety, Tension Headaches, Decreased Concentration Levels, Energy Depletion, Tension, Frustration, Panic Attacks, Increased Irritability, etc.
  • Addictions & Disorder of Habit: Alcoholism, Smoking, Insomnia, Bed-wetting, Nail-biting, Thumb-sucking, etc.
  • Lack of Confidence: Public Speaking, Shyness, Stage Fright, Blushing, etc.
  • Fears & Phobias: Irrational Fears of Height, Darkness, Snakes, Animals, Insects Water, Rats, Insects, Birds; Fear of Dentists, Blood; Fear of flying, Closed / Open Spaces, etc.
  • Psycho-Sexual Problems:
  • Social Disabilities: Speech Disorders, Tics, Tremors, etc. Depression & Unresolved Grief: Separation, Divorce, Death of Family Member/ Friend/ Pet, Job Loss, Business Failure, etc. Childbirth... Post-Natal Depression, etc.
  • Academic Difficulties: Studying, Exam Nerves - School, Nursing, Driving, etc
  • Pain Management: In Acute & Chronic Illness, Burns, Cancer, Dentistry, etc.
  • Sports Difficulties: Performance Enhancement, Training Discipline, Event/competition Nerves. Executive Stress-Sales Performance-Burn Out-Interview Performance, etc.


Hypnosis can also assist, ease and relieve the suffering for those with conditions such as M.E., M.S., Cancer, HIV & AIDS related illnesses, etc. 


Whilst it may not be possible to obtain a cure, techniques and treatments are available which can assist in the relief of distressing symptoms and help subject to come to terms with their illness so bring about a significant and beneficial change in the quality of their life.

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