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Do you want to quit cigarettes once and for all?

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Spritual Development

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Clear Spiritual 'Blockages' And Open The Chakras;

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Healing is the channelling of energy from a source outside of us

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Try to Lose Weight But Can't

Accessing the subconscious mind can lead to the underlying root cause



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stopsmoking4Quit Smoking

By using hypnosis we can re-educate the unconscious part of your mind about smoking, changing those early lessons into up to date information about the smoking habit and its expense, health risks, anti-social nature, but also some great news about how fast things change when you do stop


Healing is the channelling of energy from a source outside of us; an higher source; some call God, Gaia, universe, Angels etc... but somewhere greater than us; via the Healer into the person who needs it. Read more...

scalesLose Weight

Hypnotherapy can help an individual to identify the emotional event(s) that caused their attitude to food to develop. Accessing the subconscious mind can lead to the underlying root cause, and once this has been recognised it can often be dealt with.

spiritual devSpritual Development

Using Guided Meditations and Hypnosis to help others develop their own spiritual gifts; to clear spiritual 'blockages' and open the Chakras; meet Guides and Spiritual Helpers; and to just relax in the Faery realms and meet Unicorns, Fae folk, and other Elementals. Read more...

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pheonixWelcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your stay and that you find some answers whilst you're here.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful and gentle aids to self development; for resolving past hurts and pains which affect us still; for aiding self-healing and stress reduction and for supporting us when we want to make life style changes.

The most common reasons people look for help are smoking cessation; weight loss; fears and phobias; and exam/riding/driving confidence. All of these can be resolved for almost everyone I work with if they are ready to make that change for their own reasons.

I also use Hypnotherapy to help people with their own Spiritual and psychic development; taking people to 'see' loved ones to say the things they never got a chance to; to meet guides and spiritual helpers; to open up their Chakras and spiritual pathways for Healing and mediumship; to journey in the land of the Faerie and Unicorns; and visit Past lives.

This therapist has contributed a quality, original article to the Journal of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists

I love what I do as an Hypnotherapist and Healer, it's such a privilege to help others achieve their goals; to be able to help them relax and reduce their stress levels; and to work on a very common theme in almost every person I see, to boost their self-esteem and self confidence. Please feel free to play a sample clip of my CD's or MP3 that available in my shop



It's a wonderful thing to help someone change their lives, and best of all after just one session, most people will notice a difference. They often find that the problem is resolved and that they just need a couple of top-up sessions to re-enforce their changes.

So please do read on and let me tell you more about Hypnotherapy and what I do. Maybe it can be of help to you too.

sample 3 Convenience

Being a mobile service lets me reach my clients at a convenient time and place that suits them, be it at home or at work. I offer a completely private and confidential service. Refer to my Privacy page.

map Areas Covered

I cover the whole of somerset, which includes the major towns for example Taunton, Bridgwater, North Petherton, Minehead, Burnham-on-Sea, Street, Glastonbury, Wells, Langport and Yeovil as well as the villages in between, Woolavington, Puriton, Cannington, Highbridge, Westonzoyland, Wedmore etc. If your town or village is not listed please contact me or check out my area map found on my Pricing and How to Book Page.

skypeSkype Sessions

With the improvement in technology and broadband speeds it's now possible to conduct personal hypnotherapy sessions online via webcam on Skype. Read More

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